Add H3 level to headers

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In best optimised URL's, H3 headers carry important information. Could you add these stats to "TOP analyse" ?

1 year ago

Damian changed status to πŸ’ͺ Now available

10 months ago


H3 headers are now available in the draft and ideas. We’ve also included them in competitors’ structure overview.

We also want to add H3 recommendations in the future and improve the article content extraction so we can better exclude the H3s unrelated to the content (navigation, sidebars, etc.).

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I think it is very important to add the H3 headers, and in this way be able to visualize the terms used by the competitors in their contents.

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H3 headings in 'Ideas' tab in Analysis and Draft will be great. But could you also provide a dropdown option to read the text content under the headings (h1, h2, h3, etc.) in competitor articles (like Frase does in their Documents)? This would be very helpful for writers who would like to get more ideas for content.

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Pawel changed status to πŸ›  Planned

11 months ago


This one should be a top priority

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Yes, most of the articles have h3 subheadings. So this one should be a priority.

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Totally agree, H3 content should be included with H1/H2 data

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