Neuron is continuously being improved. The below ideas are planned for coming months 💪


AI content creation that should be as much as possible similar to human output....

Improve how "new content ideas" work to provide better content planning for new content creation and existing content optimisation.

Custom templates for generative AI to allow users to create own templates

Content optimisation feature, where unused and overused terms will be replaced with synonyms or similar user intent meaning.

Short term

In content draft section, it would be good if duplicates headers would be grouped together instead of seeing all the occurrences....


API with simplified recommendations to optimise or create content with external tools.

Long term

Using extended Q&A's will be helpful to build extended content. Questions from pages like Quora or Reddit are very useful.

Information about average? / median? number of images on competition websites

Please add the number of external links and the exact links that are used in the article of competitors.

I would like to see domain authority and possibly page authority data in the list of competitors to base the optimization on.

In content ideas, showing information about each domain (ranking, content score) to help choosing the best ones. We don't know how the headers are...


Would be great to include the google NLP category of an analysed page and also the category of competitor pages too. Obviously, if the scan data shows...