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Nathan Lampe

Given a keyword that I want to rank for it would be great for the tool to generate the content topics and themes that I need to write content for in order to rank that keyword.

11 months ago

Pawel changed status to 💪 Now available

8 months ago


How we are going to do that:

Plan what to write next!

Based on your competitors' content, plan what articles you need to fill your content plan.

For each Query analysed, you can run an analysis indicating what article to write next to enrich the topic. You can also select more than one article from the suggestions.

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Pawel changed status to 🛠 Planned

9 months ago


This would help NW be a more complete competitor to Surfer, make content calendars & planning much easier, and be a perfect compliment to semantic SEO.

Similarly - a tool that lets you enter your own keywords then creates content Hub & Spokes would be incredibly useful and wouldn't incur an API cost for NeuronWriter.

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This is great idea! Content Planner (like Surferseo) makes our job easier to find cluster keywords/topics to write.

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we need this ASAP, because if we need to rank well , we have to know the clusters/subtopics i believe
+that will give us the opportunity to make a few more relevant pages!
Nathan Lampe

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vinod pahilwani

This will be amazing

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