Content wizard: Research Capabilities (Topic Research, Clustering, Outline)

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A good understanding of the topic is essential for article writing and SEO.
It can help us build credibility and authority. When we do extensive research about topics, then we can come up with better outlines and opinions.

We can't use guessing keywords or broad keywords in content analyses. Because it is limited and output inside articles (H2, H3 headings and articles content) will be useless for the new blog post.

9 months ago

Cremel Maxime

Hi, just to say that the research docs functionality offered by Blogely is really appreciated and might be a great source of inspiration to develop this functionality.

Since NeuronWriter is already scrapping the content of the SERP to build content guidelines and score, it might may not necessarily use more ressources to include and may represent an amazing value for SEO writers. You could had an headline like : "Write with Ease - All the SERP Content You Need at Your Fingertips!"

Please, work on this one as soon as you can !

Thanks 😀

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Pawel changed status to 🛠 Planned

5 months ago


Planned in content wizard

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+1 for clustering would be great feature, much like the way Writerzen does it. this will make NW an indispensable tool for bloggers.

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Mabry Kevin

Yes, please add topic clusters and the ability to write an article based on that cluster.

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Upon clicking on the arrow it will open up and show the content underneath

Then this content can be used to make new content

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