Content wizard with option: Full Article creator

🛠 Planned

Create full article from draft, using meta, paragraphs and keywords available in draft.

9 months ago

Induskart Engimech

When can we expect this feature ?

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Alekhya Das

When are we getting this?

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Will this ever start? Sry but i can wait for a couple of weeks longer, than i have to return my 1000$+ investment.

1    2 months ago    Reply

Product Photo Edits

This feature should be implemented promptly, as it will have a significant impact on neuronwriter and could potentially attract numerous customers. What is the estimated timeline?

2    3 months ago    Reply


Yes this feature has to be added soon and its gonna be a game changer for sure.

4    4 months ago    Reply

Pawel changed status to 🛠 Planned

5 months ago

Subhan Jalbani

Yes. This will be a pretty awesome feature

1    5 months ago    Reply


+1 for me! I'd like it very much!

0    5 months ago    Reply

Chris Green (ctg)

Yes, pretty please! The more we can do in NeuronWriter the better.

0    6 months ago    Reply

Zeeshan Ali

Yes, Please This would be a great addition from draft If we can write article from the content outline generated in NW..

0    6 months ago    Reply


If the article is of good quality, yeah! Please add it!

0    6 months ago    Reply

Mabry Kevin

Yes, please add this feature.

0    6 months ago    Reply


this is a time saver, instead of us thinking and organizing on how to insert all those NLP terms suggested by Neuronwriter in our content. also some of the Important things to also consider is that articles should be of good quality, optimized for readability score and free from plagiarism

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yes please do it. THank youu

0    7 months ago    Reply


This is the only way we can use AI credit

0    7 months ago    Reply

Đồng Phục Hải Triều

Yes, please add this feature

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This is a must! I'm more than willing to donate for this 😀

0    8 months ago    Reply

Ak Mishra

Most neededTaking your time to craft a well-written article is essential, especially when you only have a limited number of words to work with. By using metadata, paragraphs and keywords available in the draft, you can create a full and informative article feature.

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Yes this would be a great feature similar to Closers Copy ->

0    8 months ago    Reply


This is a good feature!

0    7 months ago    Reply