Factual Research

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Be able to summarize the SERP competitors individual sections so that it can be used a lead context for the AI to generated related content similar to what outranking is doing. It will help to MINIMIZE "fluff" the AI is generating.

8 months ago

Nik Milenkovski

Would love to see this added to Neuron!

Maybe something similar to what Frase has, or something even better! Extracting relevant facts, stats, and relevant statistics would be an excellent feature to have which can cut down on the research time when writing on a given topic.

Please consider adding and implementing this into NeuronWriter, and put a smile on my face 😄

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I'm sure that would be the best way to go. I'm not using AI at all in my projects because I love writing. But, this would be a game changer for me. Maybe I would use AI more often, especially early in my writing process.

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