GSC integration

💪 Now available
Bikesh Shrestha

Are you guys planning to integrate GSC to provide better insight on optimizing/interlinking content?

10 months ago

Pawel changed status to 💪 Now available

8 months ago


How this going to be developed:

GSC performance data in NeuronWriter!

Using data from GSC allowing you to receive, directly in NeuronWriter, information about the performance of your site and the article in question.

The GSC data also allows you to enrich your article with additional keywords visible at the level of the existing URL.

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Pawel changed status to 🛠 Planned

9 months ago


This is part of other feature listed for internal linking capabilites

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Info Bd

Will be very nice 😄

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Bikesh Shrestha

Like SurferSEO grow flow tool

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