Notes & Outline Builder

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it would be great if it has outline builder that can be access while opening analysis (perhaps a chrome extention). The idea is to help author write notes and build article structure on Research phase.

9 months ago

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3 days ago

Jbm Kus

Folders and Sub Folders would be awesome to keep track of the notes we create.

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The outlinebuilder in NW is not very good nor intuitive right now. This is the weakest part of NW.

The outline builder Contentpace or frase uses is much better and easier to use, please consider their workflows as well when you revamp your outline builder.

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This is another great idea with which I agree whole heartedly

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You should checkout the workflow in Scalenut as an example for this.

The AI automatically generates it's own "talking points" suggestions under all th H2s and H3s you have added.

You can add, delete or modify these talking points as you see fit and by the end you TRUELY have a fully fleshed outline ready for yourself or to hand to a writer.

Most powerful draft function I have used.

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It would be awesome too, having the AI rewriting those ideas, right?

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To drag & drop selected H2's would be great (not clicking the arrow)

After you select an item to use in the outline builder it should to highlighted or marked as used.

Right now we cant quickly see the source domain of the H2 & H3 under Ideas (only the outline builder). Lots of us don't want to take too many H2s from the same competitor article.
Should be 1 click to copy over the H2's & Questions we like under Ideas and it should automatically be formatted H2.

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Albert Carrillo

It would be great to have NW develop multiple outlines to choose from based on the sites chosen in the research phase!

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