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On hover, it suggests synonyms for selected words and warns about grammar and spelling mistakes.

11 months ago

Sk Erboi

This is critical! If we want to beat all our competitors in the SERPs, we need to outperform them, not just copy them. We should be given semantically relevant words that our competitors don't already use.

Sometimes the competitors articles aren't optimized for semantic relevance to the keyword, and so solely trying to copy them will not give us the best results.

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A bandaid for this would be to ensure the Grammarly extension works in the editor. For some reason it does not.

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We consider this mainly as a option to improve human AI output.

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2 months ago


Proofreading tools could be more effective.

FYI: (Fact Checked AI Article Writer) using proofreading options.

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George Cgi

That would be amazing!

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yeah, it will save us time rather than using other tools for this simple task.

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would be a major help

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Like this! I would love that one!

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Philip ForrΓ³welt

Couldn't agree more! πŸ˜€

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synonyms would be awesome!

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