Topic Clusters

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The ability to form the content terms in to topic clusters.

Topic clusters are groups of related content that collectively cover a broad subject area.
Content clusters provide contextual support for other pages within a group.
Topic clusters allow you to cover broad subjects and dominate keyword categories in organic search.

8 months ago


keyword and topical clusters are a must these days!

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Mostafa Fathy


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Indra Pratomo

up ..pokoknya saya padamu Neuronwriter , with new feautures

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Arfat Dude

I second this just like keyword cupid does it

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Would love to see this implemented like does this, where you can upload an entire list of ideas (you can use SEO Minion to help with this in your browser) and NeuronWriter creates the same output as Keyword Cupid, where you can send it to the content editor to create the content with one press of a button.

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Topic clusters are very important.

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Wojciech Nastaj

It would be great if you could implement this feature! Btw. do you guys know where can I see the „Semantic SEO with Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR” webinar that was live at the end of June?. I've missed it.

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It is a great idea, upvote for this feature

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Good idea it's a must have

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Arfat Dude

Up vote for this feature

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Ngọc Thắng

This is important feature

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IMHO, it would be a must. You can not build an online business nowadays without taking into account the "Topical Authority" concept. Please add Clusters to Neuron! Please!!

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Mabry Kevin

Yes, please add topic clusters.

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100% and this would form part of our internal linking strategy, EAT, GSC, Google analytics, heck why not connect facebook pixel while we are at it. Projects in GOLD plan would enable a deep understanding for domains listed in each project, so we can get insight for each domains, the relevant competitors, and o ur own content. Understand gaps, and bridge these with recommendations from neuronwriter.

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