URL discovery for internal linking

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Propose URL nad keywords to use as a internal linking structure inside specific project (optimisation).
Available from Silver plan.

11 months ago

Pawel changed status to 💪 Now available

8 months ago


How we are going to develop this:

Create strong site structure and topic silos!

A module that recommends thematically similar pages of a given domain (and its subdomains), allowing you to plan internal linking to increase the potential of new articles.

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This would be great, Pawel, looking forward to it! Just a suggestion here, would it be possible to give us the option to exclude sitewide-internal links (header and footer links, etc.), or an option to include only links within the post content (excluding random sidebar posts, related posts, variable new posts on homepage, etc.) so the internal links in the silos can be better targetted for content-based websites?

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9 months ago


Each project should have the ability to connect to the google console. On gold plan, 10 projects, so potentially 10 different domains we can optimise to build EAT for our site/s and keep optimising. What would really cream this is, by mapping the WHOLE domain, existing pages and blogs, Neuronwriter provides suggestions, or report for ranking keywords, and suggested keywords to write content for to increase domain authority. As new content (pages/blogs) are added, Neuronwriter updates the recommendations (dynamic) for opportunities to internally link new page with older pages (and vice versa). This is included and not limited to pages that are ranking well, and pages that are not. This will set Neuronwriter apart from other tools on the market.

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this would be fantastic

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