Whitelabled Content Editor for Agencies/Freelancer

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Rob Planet

It would be great if there was a way to send our agency customers a link to the Content Editor. Here the customers only get access to the editor (without AI writing functions). In addition, only the briefings that are relevant for the customer should be displayed.

In addition, there should be a branding function, with which one can change the basic color, the logo and the domain (C-name) individually.

8 months ago


While I agree with Rob that all of these features would be great, a good beginning would simply be a gray label version where I can have my clients optimize their own content integrated without seeing other clients.

Customized colors, logos, and domains are the ultimate agency version. However, for now, I just need my clients to be able to access their documents only and optimize them.

My agency model is not a DFY. It's more of a Done-With-You helping clients learn how to use the tools that I provide them.

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Especially the option to disable the AI writer per article, so you know the people working on it are doing the actual work.

But also a comment feature like Google Docs has would be great, that is missing from Surfer now as well.

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I would prefer if they only have the ability to comment.. but being able to content is huge - especially since they can see how it much better it is than the competition

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