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Please develop some kind of WordPress integration (for example, a WordPress plugin) so that the content created in Neuron can be directly exported to WordPress without the need to copy-paste, keeping the format of the post/article.

10 months ago


Is this only available on the Gold Plan?

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Pawel changed status to πŸ’ͺ Now available

2 months ago

Samuel Aboagye

Perfect! Exactly my thoughts

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Paulo Ribeiro

I think that having a plugin where it can do all the analysis inside of WordPress and able to make all the changes directly in the article will decrease the time spent.

When i am using rank math for optimization and the Content Ai from rank math directly it's a no-brainer because it's quite simple and fast how to optimize the content.

Because if i have a huge piece of content i will need to copy and paste, add all the images and videos, will optimize, and need to go back to WordPress and do it all again.... you see the picture.

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An in WordPress plugin with a direct Gutenberg integration would be great. Possibly also an SEO integration with Rank Math Pro and Yoast

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4 months ago


A native plugin like the Surfer plugin, from your competitor, would be better for several reasons. Such as, using an API would mean increased use of hosting bandwith increasing costs, reduces the risk of losing article formating and content on transfer, the ability to take advantage of other wp plugins with neuron, etc

For you guys at Neuron, in addition to the reduced cost vs API a Native wordpress plugin would open up a huge market of potential customers. As someone mentioned before about 46%-65% of websites use Wordpress

Thank you for your consideration

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Mr Sajid

yeah it will be great

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it's a good idea for WP users

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Do we have an ETA for this?

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Ken Lyle

Yeah, Push to WordPress is pretty obvious, right? And, I do like the comment of using the API for these connections, so that the site stays light. I think this makes more sense than the Surfer plugin, because when you are researching and writing WP is irrelevant, only at publish time does WP serve as a container.

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I beg to differ, a native wordpress plugin would be better for several reasons. Please see my reasoning in a comment within this thread

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yes please! I use WP all the time

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Yes, this would be very helpful for 90% of the site mangers

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Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

Consider and develop WordPress integration feature. It is very helpful to everyone.

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Philip ForrΓ³welt

I agree with integration, but I don't agree that it needs to be a Plugin? Why? Every bit of extra code makes your homepage slower. Speed is everything. I'd suggest something like a 'send to Wordpress' Button or some similar integration. You should be able to connect your page via API, and post it there directly (with your default template). I think this is not soooo difficult to set up.

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I beg to differ, WordPress speed would only be affected if the user visits a page where the plugin is running. So if the plugin is on the backend, speed would only be affected when a backend user is using the plugin.

There are more advantages of having a Wordpress native plugin rather than "send to Wordpress" integration, see my post in this thread

Thank you

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Sudip Kumar

please complete this on priority

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It would be even better to have a native integration so writers can work directly in Gutenberg.

Here you can see a very good integration of the main competitor tool:

This is very helpful especially with all the formatting options that Gutenberg blocks have these days. With a simple copy/paste the formatting get's lost and it's very time consuming to rebuilt it.

Thanks for considering this feature!

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Agree, since of all the billion websites in the world, 45%-60% of them are using Wordpress which is the leading CMS.

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Yes, this is must-have features. As other competitor has this feature. Thanks

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Also show the NLP terms for the blog posts.

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